UniSuite Migration Wizard

UniSuiteMigration Wizard replaces Vb intrinsic ANSI controls with their Unicode equivalents in minutes.

This is not an add-in. It is a stand-alone application that handles:

Option Function Internal use only.
Requires Password
1 Replace Vb Intrinsic(ANSI) controls with UniSuite(Unicode) controls.     No
2 Upgrade controls to newer versions. This may be a version change or a new CLSID.     No
3 Restore and Register Ocx GUIDs from Master list. Yes
4 Create Master List Yes
5 Register All UniSuite controls     No

Easy to use:

Step Function
1 Select the Requested Action.
2 Input the path of the UniSuite controls. You may press the "Source" button and it will popup a BrowseForFolder dialog to select the folder. Next press "Load" button to populate the ListView and extract the Com Server Info for each control.
3 Check the controls you wish to replace. Note: This does not apply if you are updating GUIDs.
4 Press "Target". You will be prompted for a File path (or Folder path for GUID updates). Press "Load" to populate the ListView with files to be processed
5 Press "Process" to initiate file processing.