CyberActiveGrid with 32-bit Pictures, HTML,
Multiline Headers, Filter Bar, Cell Edit, Basic
Excel style Formulas.

 Updated 10-June-2008 18:09 -0300





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  • Microsoft, Visual Basic, VB.NET, and C#.NET are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.



Category Priority


Status Comments
Hi Added picture heights to AutoHeightRow calculation. Done 13-Feb-2007
Hi Fixed 2 bugs in HTML render engine converting &#NNNNN to Unicode Done 07-Jan-2007
Hi StageDriven OwnerDraw Events allows:
  1. Modify cell data at run-time and let the control do the drawing.
  2. Cancel the in-built drawing code (bDoDefault = False) and Owner draw one or more stages of the cell drawing cycle.

Public Enum cgDrawStage
   cgBeforeAll      ' vNewData not applicable
   cgStageBackColor ' vNewData = m_tCurrCell.oBackColor
   cgStageBackStyle ' vNewData = m_tCurrCell.lCellStyle
   cgStageExtraIcon ' vNewData = m_tCurrCell.lExtraIconIndex
   cgStageIcon      ' vNewData = m_tCurrCell.iIconIndex
   cgStagePicture   ' vNewData = m_tCurrCell.vPicture
   cgStageText      ' vNewData = m_tCurrCell.sText
   cgAfterAll       ' vNewData not applicable
End Enum

Done 10-Jan-2007
Hi ADO Database Support.
MSAccess, OracleMSDA/ODBC, DSNFile, dbase, SQLServer, Excel, TextFile(csv)
Done 29-Dec-2006
Hi CellPicture is restricted to the cell bounding rectangle and will no longer spill over to adjacent cells. Done 29-Dec-2006
Hi pDrawTextPlus fails on Win98(Uniscribe) if DT_END_ELLIPSIS is not included with DT_SINGLELINE Flags. Fixed 28-May-2004
Hi HTML Export: Add export of new Check/Option buttons which are drawn with API and/or UxTheme. Done 25 May 2004
Hi CheckBoxes . All checkbox code now applies to ExtraIconIndex only. This allows for both a CheckBox(ExtraIconIndex) and Icon(IconIndex) in the same cell. Done 25 May 2004
Hi CheckBox Helper Routine with cell validation:
Public Sub RangeCheck(ByVal StartRow As Long, ByVal StartCol As Long, _
ByVal EndRow As Long, ByVal EndCol As Long, _
ByVal Action As CheckAction, Optional ByVal bCheckBox As Boolean = True)

Public Enum CheckAction
End Enum

Note: If bCheckBox=False then an Option(Radio Button) is assumed.


Done 23 May 2004
Hi CheckBox Helper Routine with cell validation:
Property CellCheckState(lRow, lCol)
Done 20-May-2004
Hi HTML Export:
Page Header/Footer, Column Headers, Filter Bar, Icons, Cell Pictures, Header/Cell Background, Alignment, Unicode text, ForeColor/BackColor, Hyperlinks.
Done 18-May-2004
Hi Active HyperLinks. Underlines on MouseOver, executes on DoubleClick. Set CellStyle to cgCellHyperLink. Done 17-May-2004
Hi HotTracking. Adjusted rectangle coordinates to exactly fill the 2 pixel cell border. Looks much better. Fixed 17-May-2004
Hi Function pbValid is now Public to allow client validation of lRow, lCol. Done 17-May-2004
Hi CellEnter, CellExit Events. Done 17-May-2004
Hi CellPictureAlign calculations need to be adjusted when image width and/or height is larger then cell bounding rectangle. Fixed 17-May-2004
Hi AutoWidthColumns Autosize array of column keys to the widest cell(or column header) of each column. Optional bCheckHeader to check header width. Example: AutoWidthColumns Array("nam","ext"). If Optional vKey is missing then all columns are processed. Done 17-May-2004
Hi AutoFitColumns. Fits columns to available grid width. Done 17-May-2004
Hi Individual Tooltips for Cells/ColumnHeaders. Events are generated at the client level requesting the Tooltip Title, Caption, and Icon. Done 17-May-2004
Hi CellsToClipboard copies selected cells to Clipboard as Unicode. Activate via KeyDown Event as follows:
   If (KeyCode = 67) And (Shift = 2) Then ' Ctrl-C
   End If
Done 16-May-2004
Hi Fixed bug where hourglass disappears during sort. Fixed 16-May-2004
Hi Automated single or multi-column sorts with in-built sort direction icons.


Sort lCol
Sort sKey
Sort Array("file", "date")
Sort Array(1, "size")
Sort Split("file,date", ",")


Done 16-May-2004
Hi Filter engine screens grid data using equality and wildcards from FilterBar. Handles multiple filters.
Filter Flags Action
None * is automatically appended
= Equal
> Greater than
>= Greater than or Equal
< Less than
<= Less than or Equal
! NOT Equal
* Any group of characters
? Any single character


Done 15-May-2004
Hi Singleline CustomDraw FilterBar

Column Filter Status

  Disabled  Red
  Prompt  Yellow
  Filtered  Green

Note: In ComCtl32 Header if there is a FilterBar then it is defined as the lower half of the overall Header Height.


Done 15-May-2004
Hi Multiline CustomDraw Header




Done 15-May-2004
Hi HTML Render in Cells:
  • Built-in. No external dependencies required.
  • Implements a comprehensive subset of the HTML standard. There is no support however for Active content, images, or stylesheets. Hyperlinks are displayed and underlined but are not active thus you can not Navigate to URL (Active Hyperlinks are supported however when implemented as a cell style).
  • Consistent and reliable rendering, regardless of the user's browser type, version or configuration.
  • Automatic support for common Unicode formats w/o need for Meta content/charset tags.
    Format Example
    UTF-8 CHS: 欢迎
    UTF-16 CHS: 欢迎
    Character Entitites
    (Numeric character reference)
    CHS: &#27426;&#36814
  • BackColor/Background is determined using the following logic:
    BgColor Tag
    Grid Picture Final
    No Yes Grid Background Picture
    No No GridBackColor
    Yes Doesn't matter BgColor TagValue


    Tags Supported

    Fonts <Font Face=' ' Color=' ' Size=' ' >,< Big>, <Small>, <Strong>, <B>, <I>, <S>, <U>.
    Color Tags can be a Hex Color (#0000FF) or one of 169 named colors.
    Tables <Table align='x' border='x' colspan='x' width=' ' height='x'>.
    <Tr>, <Th>, <Td>, <Tbody>,  <Thead>, <Tfoot>.
    OL Markers <LI>, Numeric(Default), Roman(I,i), or Alpha(A,a). Upper and Lower Case.
    UL Markers <LI>, Circle(Default), Disk(disc), or Square(square).
    Alignment <Left>, <Center>, <Right>, <BR>
    Format <p>, <Content>, <Html>, <Body> , <Title>, <Comment>.
    Miscellaneous <Head>, <Meta>, <HR>, <A>, <BlockQuote>, <Div>, <Em>, <Header>.
    Named Colors 141 HTML Colors, 28 System Colors
    Index Name Swatch Hex Code RGB
    1 aliceblue   F0F8FF 240,248,255
    141 yellowgreen   9ACD32 139,205,50
    142 activeborder    
    169 windowtext    
    Unicode UTF-8, UTF-16, &#


Done 12-May-2004
  • TriState CheckBoxes . Simply set ExtraIconIndex to these values to render CheckBoxes. All done internal to control w/o ImageList.
  • Property CheckBoxStyle(Flat, 3D, XP).
  • Property CellCheckState(cgChkNone, cgChkUnChecked, cgChkChecked)
Item Flat 3D XP ExtraIconIndex State
ImageList Index       >=0 Enabled
Reserved       -1 Nothing
CheckBox -2 UnChecked
CheckBox -3 Checked
Done 12-May-2004
Hi Basic Range Formulas and  Complex cell formulas via VB Script Control.


Category Example
Range =Sum(R7C5:R11C5)
Range =Avg(R7C5:R11C5)
Range =StdDev(R7C5:R11C5)
VbScript =Sin(R7C5)
VbScript =Cos(1)*35+R11C1

Note: Excel convention (L1C1) is also recognized.


Done 11-May-2004
Hi 19 SpecialFormats to individual Cells in addition to standard Format$.
cgFormatString, cgBytes, cgCurrency, cgDateDayofYear, cgDateDayofYearLongTime, cgDateJulianAstronomical, cgDateJulianModern, cgDateLongTime, cgDateShortDate, cgDateShortDateLongTime, cgDateUnix, cgNumber, cgPercent, cgProperCase, cgProperCase2, cgSize, cgSizeAlternate, cgSizePlusBytes, cgSwatchBeats, cgUnBeats
Done 11-May-2004
Hi GradientStartColor/GradientEndColor Properties.Integrated into pDrawCellStyle. Text drawn on Hatches are now more readable with no hatching behind the text. Done 11-May-2004
Hi CellStyle support via pDrawCellStyle. XPTheme, Gradients, Hatches.
cgCellDefault, cgCell3DButton, cgCellButtonXP, cgCellHeaderXP, cgCellGradHoriz, cgCellGradVert, cgCellHatchHorizontal, cgCellHatchVertical, cgCellHatchFDiagonal, cgCellHatchBDiagonal, cgCellHatchCross, cgCellHatchDiagCross, cgCellHTML

Note: cgCellDefault may be:

  • Background Picture (if specified).
  • Grid BackColor if No Picture.
  • Cell BackColor (if specified).
Done 10-May-2004
Hi CellPicture Support:
  • Bmp/Ico/PNG (with 32-bit alpha aupport).
  • Gif, Jpg, Wmf.

Alignment options:
cgPicAlignNone, cgPicAlignLeftTop, cgPicAlignLeftCenter, cgPicAlignLeftBottom, cgPicAlignCenterTop, cgPicAlignCenterCenter, cgPicAlignCenterBottom, cgPicAlignRightTop, cgPicAlignRightCenter, cgPicAlignRightBottom, cgPicAlignTile, cgPicAlignStretch

Done 10-May-2004


Here we save the grid using internal Function ExportHTML. It creates an HTML file with most elements of the Grid replicated. Bitmaps and Icons are created and exported to folder /images. The file was then opened in Internet Explorer 6.0, copied into the clipboard and then pasted into FrontPage. Here is the result. Note that opening the file in IE6 allows Print Preview/Print capabilities.


DemoHeader - ExportHTML

Name Multiline Headers
CHS: 欢迎
JPN: ようこそ
Type Modified GEO: სასურველი Col 6 Col 7 Col 8 Col 9 Col 10
  Enter text here   Enter text here Enter text here Enter text here Enter text here Enter text here Enter text here Enter text here
  0.707107 Type 1,Col3 09-Jul-2010 ARA: مـرحبــاً Arabic United Arab Emirates   Abu Dhabi Row1,Col10
  316,615 Type 2,Col3 11-Jan-2007 CHS: 欢迎 Chinese Simplified China   Beijing Row2,Col10
  316,615 Type 3,Col3 13-Jan-2012 CHT: 歡迎 Chinese Traditional Taiwan   Taipei Row3,Col10 Type 4,Col3 30-Apr-2012 ENG: Welcome English United States   Washington, DC Row4,Col10
  Render Demo
HTML Table
Language Unicode
ChineseCHS: 欢迎
JapaneseJPN: よろてそ
KoreanKOR: 여보세요
PortuguesePTB: Bem-vindo

Type 5,Col3   Georgia   Tbilisi Row5,Col10
  Render Demo
HTML Markers

  1. sChinese
    • CHS: 欢迎
  2. sJapanese
    • JPN: よろてそ
  3. sKorean
    • KOR: 여보세요

Arabic, Roman, Alpha, Circle, Disc, Square, Upper/Lower Case.
Type 6,Col3 Greece   Athens Row6,Col10
  995,682 Type 7,Col3 24-Jun-2009 HEB: בִּרוּבִים חַבָּאִים Hebrew Israel   Jerusalem Row7,Col10
  56,103 Type 8,Col3 09-Jun-2011 HIN: रवागत Hindi India   New Delhi Row8,Col10
  652,944 Type 9,Col3 09-Mar-2011 JPN: ようこそ Japanese Japan   Tokyo Row9,Col10
  870,110 Type 10,Col3 31-Jul-2013 KOR: 여보세요 Korean Korea   Seoul Row10,Col10
  955,215 Type 11,Col3 30-Aug-2008 PAN: ਜੀ ਆਇਆਂ ਨੂੰ Punjabi Pakistan   Islamabad Row11,Col10
  255,780 Type 12,Col3 31-Jan-2010 PTB: Bem-vindo Portuguese(BR) Brazil   Brasilia Row12,Col10
  709,021 Type 13,Col3 03-Jul-2006 RUS: Добро пожаловать Russian Russian Federation   Moscow Row13,Col10
  108,027 Type 14,Col3 01-Mar-2012 TAM: 쏅얧주ø Tamil India   New Delhi Row14,Col10
  310,140 Type 15,Col3 29-Apr-2009 THA: การต้อนรับ Thai Thailand   Bangkok Row15,Col10
  1,027,425 Type 16,Col3 05-Mar-2009 URD: स्वागत Urdu Pakistan   Islamabad Row16,Col10
  170,730 Type 17,Col3 13-May-2011 VIE: tính từ Vietnamese Vietnam   Hanoi Row17,Col10
  747,352 Type 18,Col3 06-Aug-2009 ARA: مـرحبــاً Arabic United Arab Emirates   Abu Dhabi Row18,Col10
  195,049 Type 19,Col3 14-Jan-2011 CHS: 欢迎 Chinese Simplified China   Beijing Row19,Col10
  949,726 Type 20,Col3 12-Sep-2008 CHT: 歡迎 Chinese Traditional Taiwan   Taipei Row20,Col10
  303,735 Type 21,Col3 19-Aug-2013 ENG: Welcome English United States   Washington, DC Row21,Col10
  449,269 Type 22,Col3 22-Jul-2007 GEO: სასურველი Georgian Georgia   Tbilisi Row22,Col10
  958,102 Type 23,Col3 17-Dec-2012 GRK: Καλώς ήλθατε Greek Greece   Athens Row23,Col10
  960,667 Type 24,Col3 16-Aug-2009 HEB: בִּרוּבִים חַבָּאִים Hebrew Israel   Jerusalem Row24,Col10
  538,692 Type 25,Col3 13-Apr-2010 HIN: रवागत Hindi India   New Delhi Row25,Col10

DemoFooter - ExportHTML